“Most [similar] paintings, and especially those found in small prayer halls in every town and city, were never photographed and rarely described, and will never be known. We must piece together the history of what was once a large and creative artistic and religious practice from scattered fragments.”  — Art historian Dr. Samuel Gruber


We have rescued and are now restoring the (temporarily) Lost Mural as a stand-in for hundreds, perhaps thousands of other works of synagogue art that no longer exist – and which were lost under the saddest of circumstances.

We present the mural to the public as a centerpiece for teaching about the lives of Eastern European immigrants; for reflecting upon the Holocaust’s dreadful toll and on present-day threats to human rights; and as a portal for introducing aspects of Judaism, Jewish history and Jewish art to people of all backgrounds.

We welcome your interest, and we appreciate donations of all sizes so that our work can progress faster. Thank you for visiting and for celebrating this new cultural treasure in Burlington

The goal of the project is to preserve the mural for posterity and to establish a permanent resource and for outreach and education about Jewish history and art, immigration history, and history of the Holocaust, especially in Lithuania.

The mural will be integrated into the network of cultural heritage resources in the Burlington area, including museums, college and universities, and public art  and historic sites.