At Mural Unveiling, Ohavi Zedek Synagogue, August 2, 2015:

“It is an honor to be here with you on this special day that has such significance and was generations in the making.

I saw the mural for the first time about a year ago when it was not at all clear that today would come. As the son of an architect and someone who has spent 15 years in construction before this job, I could tell that a very difficult task was ahead.

Governor Kunin, as usual, got it exactly right when she said that anyone with any connection to the Holocaust will be moved by the sight of this mural. As a descendant of Eastern European Jews, I experienced that myself while walking into the synagogue today and seeing the remarkable new installation. The mural has persisted and survived through adversity, like Judaism itself.

As the Mayor of Burlington, I see a broader significance in today’s event. At a time when Burlington is once again welcoming many newcomers from around the world, the rediscovery of this mural is a reminder that Burlington has always been a City of immigrants, and that its strength is built on the shoulders of so many who have come here for so long. That will continue to be a force of strength and renewal in our time as well.

I am happy to be here to say congratulations and thank you to everyone involved in this complex, difficult work that was needed to make today possible.”

— Mayor Miro Weinberger